The Shadows Breath EP

by Ghost Painted Sky

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Card sleeve for the CD version of this release is printed on 100% Green Forestry Practices board stock, with recycled content, using vegetable-based inks.


released July 24, 2015

Music & lyrics performed, arranged, recorded and mixed by and copyright ©2015 David Strong. Mastered by Frankford Wayne Mastering.


all rights reserved



Ghost Painted Sky Massachusetts

A modern take on the classic goth, darkwave, and post-punk sounds of the 80s and 90s,
Ghost Painted Sky is the intensely introspective project of David Strong (vocals, bass, bass VI, guitar, drums, keyboards, programming), and Lisa Wood (vocals). ... more

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Track Name: The Words on My Breath
Mind numb, but eyes alive
watching the chaotic,
crowded world crash by

In snapshots of perpetual motion
framing voices, whispering fears
in a pulsing, coded void
Halted, spasmotic motions,
mechanical and android

My eyes bleed the horizon
as static dead stares
follow countless screens
flicker on, flicker off
connect, disconnected
all-consuming abstract desires
in a world of ego and artificial fire

I push inward and out
groping the glass walls
slowly...silently drowning
in cascading waves of doubt

While searching for a reason
something to keep the fire alive
through this barren season

As The faces pass,
alien and strange
I'm forever wandering in
frozen, dusky frames
a phantom,
in muddled shades of grey

So I speak in tongues
the coiled snake
hidden in my mouth
mirrors the spiral
I chase upwards and out

And follow to that place
where the breeze carries
your secret name
across my lips
and melts away the grey
as life returns to frozen fingertips

I Curl up in your hair
feel the earth in your bones,
tangled in the warming air
of the sun's rebirth
shows me I'm not so alone
even in the shadows breath
Track Name: Sisyphus
And every day
I watch a little more
of my life slip away,
I'm sleepwalking through it
again and again
as I build myself up
for the predictable end
as I try to block out the sound
of my own voice screaming
this is not where I belong
this life has no meaning
and I cant do this any longer

I push it up
I build it out
I push it up
Just to watch it fall

I build it up
I push it out
I build it up
Just to watch it fall

And every day
I lose more of myself
to this mindless machine
always working toward salvation
in slow-motion suicide
of tedious strangulation,
endless circular motion
in webs of suffocation
so with every move
I grow more entangled
and just sink further down
into isolation

It smothers me out
It crushes me down
It smothers me out
And tears me down

So I must tear it up
I must break it down
I must tear it up
Now watch it fall down
Track Name: Sick
Teeth clenched,
but without any resolve
trying to lean up
against the nearest wall
Breathing deeply,
I raise the cup to my lips
and try to force a smile,
I hide from my problems
like this

Surrounded by laughing,
prettied faces
I want to disappear,
leaving no traces
I need an anchor,
a weight in reality
but find instead,
empty facades surrounding me

Alienation, frustration, and regret
Are nothing that this drink
won't help me forget
Swaying around,
into focus and back out
Escaping all of my fears,
self-conciousness and doubt

Just keep laughing,
and putting on that face
cover my scars up
and develope a taste
the flow is going,
and I try to jump in
but if you can't stand up,
it's even harder to swim

I know that even here I don't fit in
never have, never will,
but it's nice to pretend
In the end this doesn't
change who I am
but like everyone here,
tonight I'm hiding from him

Alienation, frustration and regret
nothing one more drink
won't help me to forget
stumbling around,
into focus and back out
avoiding all of my fears,
self-conciousness and doubt

Now eventually I'll wander out
without any plan
but when I go to leave,
I know I'll understand
I'm deluding myself
with this bottle in my hand
and when I wake up tomorrow
I'll still be an empty man
With delusions and dreams
that just seem too far away
but living like this
I'll never reach them anyway

Alienation, frustration and regret
Nothing one more drink
won't help me to forget
stumbling around,
into focus and back out
avoiding my ambitions and surrendering to doubt

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